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Unlocking the Giving Potential of Your High Capacity Donors

As Advisors to both Non-profits and High Capacity Donors, we are often amazed by how often charities leave untapped the vast resources of their high capacity donors. Due to budgetary and time constraints, charities often focus exclusively on current donations, often overlooking the potential for greater gifts.

Even where a charity has a planned giving department, or has staff to help identify and communicate with major donors, so much is often left on the table.

We have often been struck by how often high capacity donors give far below their ability to give, often because the charity does not know how to tap this greater giving potential. And we are not talking about disinterested patrons, but donors who feel passionately about the causes they support.

Here are a couple of thoughts on how your organization might help unlock the giving potential of your high capacity donors.more

Capacity Building Resources and Research

For those of you who would like to learn more about how Capacity Building grants can enhance your Family’s giving effectiveness, the Foundation Center provides an excellent Bibliography on Capacity Building Resources.

From their website:

Increasingly, foundations are providing grants to help nonprofit organizations carry out their missions more effectively.

A wealth of literature has emerged as experts examine the impact of capacity building programs.

This resource list contains citations to selected works from the Foundation Center’s bibliographic database, Catalog of Nonprofit Literature, for grantmakers and nonprofits interested in learning more about capacity building.

~ Getting Started: Capacity Building

Capacity Building Grants Enhance Nonprofit Effectiveness

Let’s face it, nearly everyone who donates to charity wants to see their giving dollars spent on “Program”.

If donating to a food bank, you want to see every dollar go to feeding those in need.

If donating to a youth shelter, you want to see every dollar go to after-school programs, or to activities that directly benefit the children.

This type of thinking is so ingrained in our culture that most charities publish statistics regarding what percentage of your giving dollar goes to “Program”, and what goes to “Overhead”.more

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